Sheffield Private Pregnancy Care

Consultation and Advice Regarding Your Pregnancy

Contact us to arrange an appointment for advice and assessment regarding your current or planned future pregnancy. We will give you expert advice to make this as safe as possible.

Price Guide WeeksSingletonTwins
Preconceptual counselling (30 min appt) £150 
Recurrent miscarriage counselling (30 min appt) £150 
General consultation (30 min appt) £150 
Consultation and Ultrasound Scan £190 
Follow up consultation (up to 20 mins) £110 
Harmony prenatal blood test including fetal sexingAfter 10 weeks£475 
Viability ScanAfter 5 weeks£75 
Dating Scan8-16 weeks£75£110
Nuchal/Dating Scan & Bloods11-13 weeks + 6 days£195£280
Reassurance Scan14-22 weeks£150£240
Sexing ScanAfter 16 weeks£75£120
Anatomy Scan18-21 weeks£240 
Fetal Well Being Scan24-40 weeks£150 
3D/4D Scan24-34 weeks£140£240
Presentation ScanAt term only£75