Sheffield Private Pregnancy Care

Our Services

Price GuideWeeksSingletonTwins
Preconceptual counselling (30 min appt) £150 
Recurrent miscarriage counselling (30 min appt) £150 
General consultation (30 min appt) £175 
Consultation and Ultrasound Scan £190 
Follow up consultation (up to 20 mins) £110 
Harmony prenatal blood test including fetal sexing (with scan)After 10 weeks£495 (£525) 
Viability ScanAfter 5 weeks£95 
Dating Scan8-16 weeks£95£120
Nuchal/Dating Scan & Bloods11-13 weeks + 6 days£225£295
Reassurance Scan14-22 weeks£150£250
Sexing ScanAfter 16 weeks£95£120
Anatomy Scan18-21 weeks£240£350
Fetal Well Being Scan24-40 weeks£150£200
3D/4D Scan24-34 weeks£140£240
Presentation ScanAt term only£95 
Strep B – Consultation & Test £90