Sheffield Private Pregnancy Care

Growth and Reassurance Scan

20 - 36 weeks

A reassurance scan is a highly accurate way to check on the growth progress of your baby. It is recommended if you have had previous birth complications, such as pre-eclampsia, growth restriction, diabetes and still birth and if you develop problems during the course of your pregnancy.

The consultant takes various measurements of your baby and compares them to a set of fetal growth charts. These charts predict the size of your baby’s growth at any particular stage in your pregnancy.

During your appointment the consultant will:

  • Check your baby’s heart beat
  • Measure the circumference and diameter of your baby’s head
  • Measure the size of your baby’s waist
  • Measure the length of your baby’s femur
  • Examine your placenta
  • Check the amount of fluid around your baby
  • Check the baby’s movements
  • Input all the measurements and data into our fetal database to compare and chart your baby’s growth

We can also check the gender of your baby – but we’ll only tell you if you want to know

A detailed medical report will be available at the end of your appointment.